Pipeline Cleaning

Pipeline Cleaning

Potomac Environmental Pipeline Cleaning ServicesSeveral methods of cleaning pipeline can be incorporated into our work plans depending on pipeline constructions, product, and level of cleanliness desired. Listed below are some of our methods with a brief description of each.


This method of pipeline cleaning is accomplished by propelling low or high density, poly or wire brush “pigs” through a line with compressed air, inert gas, or the existing product within the system. The “pigs” can accomplish a wide variety of tasks including heavy scraping, liquid/solid removal, line drying, and pipeline inspections.


Flushing can be accomplished by pumping water into a line at a specified rate for product removal. Water can then by pumped, blown, or drained from the line.

Hydro Blasting:

This method utilizes a bi-directional nozzle to cut through build-up within the pipeline and move it towards the point of insertion for easy removal.

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