Technical Services

Technical Services

Potomac Environmental, Inc. (PEI) provides a wide range of environmental services to both small and large quantity generators.

PEI goes above and beyond to the management phase of a project or strategic initiative. Each of our team members has hands-on experience in the planning, execution, results management, and accountability for projects throughout the disposal supply chain.

PEI works with transportation providers, TSDF’s, recyclers, manufacturers, and industrial service providers across the entire supply chain focusing on providing the services required to complete any project.

Many times a clean up project requires a multi tasked application such as consolidating and containerizing solid or liquid materials, Lab Packing, excavation, etc…. PEI has the ability and successful experience to accomplish such tasks. “One stop shopping” has added to the convenience of servicing our client’s needs.

Potomac Environmental, Inc. will prepare and provide all necessary EPA and DOT documents, labels, and markings required by law for the proper handling and shipping of hazardous and non hazardous waste. This includes the shipping manifest, land disposal restriction form (LDR), emergency response guides (ERG), and all applicable DOT and EPA labels/markings.

Our technicians can assist in gathering vital information needed for your companies waste reporting, and we can also provide a Waste Tracking printout listing all the pertinent information you need to help you with your waste reporting.

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