Free Services

Free Services

Potomac Environmental Free ServicesPEI strives to provide the most proficient environmental service in our industry. In order to achieve this goal, and to ensure clear communication with our customers, we provide the following services free of charge:

Waste Inventory:

If your facility is looking to clean out obsolete, or expired chemicals from your laboratory, warehouse, etc… a certified trained PEI technician will inventory those chemicals and provide you with a quotation for the best disposal options available to meet your economic and environmental needs. The inventory will be provided to the customer when PEI is awarded the job.

Waste Characterization:

Our technicians will assist you with all the necessary profile preparation and acceptance procedures as per individual TSDF requirements.


Representative samples of each waste stream will be taken, if necessary, and shipped to the designated treatment facility for evaluation or to a laboratory for analysis by our trained staff.


For tanker quantity amounts of waste oil and non RCRA wastewaters, samples will undergo an analytical survey with the printed results provided to our customer.


PEI provides all the necessary paperwork required to properly transport your waste. This includes: manifest, land disposal restriction (LDR) emergency response guide (ERG), EPA/DOT labels and markings, bill of lading, etc…


Our purpose is to ensure the safe and expedient movement of our clients waste on the day of shipment. We will assist in the inspection of containers, ensure proper marking and identification, review paperwork, and even help load the truck.

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